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Vibrating Spatula

Vibrating Spatula
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The routine dispensing of powders, granules & precious discovery compounds can be a hit & miss procedure involving constant adjustment and repetition to achieve the desired outcome. The Vibrating Spatula provides a simple solution for speedy & accurate control of powders & granules in laboratory & pharmacy where precision control is required. The unit can be operated from a self contained 9 volt (PP9) type battery or from the mains using the adaptor provided. For use with the adaptor, you unscrew the threaded end cap of the unit, remove the battery and connect the mains adaptor.

Required for use with the unit are 3 different size Stainless Steel interchangeable spatulas which are designed to be a push fit into the spatula body and can be changed in seconds. This 3 piece Spoon Kit is an additional £97.95.

OPERATION - Insert appropriate spatula into powder or granule that you wish to dispense, shaking it evenly over the length of the spatula blade. Hold the spatula over the container to be filled and depress the dispense button. The dispense rate can be adjusted by turning the variable speed control knob until the sample starts to flow. The flow rate can be optimised by adjusting the angle of the spatula by tilting the unit back & forth. Operates best with dry powders or granules. Where dampness causes material to adhere to the spatula, the blade can be cleaned with isopropanol alcohol wipes. Special Offer Price shown will be subject to VAT & Delivery charge.


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